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12 Reasons to Choose Us?


Wash & Wax Detailing

"For Non Oxidized Boats"

1. Brush Wash and Chamois Dry

2. Gel Coat Waxing & UV Protection

3. Vinyl Seats Scrubbed Clean

4. Vinyl Seats UV Conditioning

5. Cockpit and Non-skid Cleaned

6. Windows and Mirrors Cleaned

7. Tower Cleaning and Waxing

8. Outboard Engine Waxing

9. Compartments Cleaned

10, Carpets Shampooed

Please Email Photos For Accurate Quote

Starting Price:



Interior Detailing

"Cleaning, Deodorizing or Sanitizing of Your Interior"

1. Complete Interior Vacuum

2. Carpet Shampooing

3. Vinyl Cleaning & Conditioning

4. Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

5. All Surfaces Cleaned & Detailed

6. Bathroom Cleaning

7. Bedroom Cleaning

8. Kitchen & Countertops Cleaned

9. Fridge Cleaning

10, Floor Cleaning

11. Ceiling Spot Cleaning

12. Glass & Mirrors Cleaned

Sanitizing/Disinfecting Extra

Mold/Mildew Removal Extra

Odor Removal Extra

Please Email Photos For Accurate Quote

Starting Price:



Single Stage Buff/Wax

"For Lightly Oxidized Boats"

1. Brush Wash and Chamois Dry

2. Gel Coat Machine Polishing & Wax

3. Light Oxidation Removal

4. Vinyl Seats Scrubbed Clean

5. Vinyl Seats UV Conditioning

6. Surface Mold Removed

7. Cockpit and Non-skid Cleaned

8. Windows and Mirrors Cleaned

9. Outdoor Carpets Shampoo

10. Tower Polishing and Waxing

11. Outboard Engine Polishing

12. Compartments Scrubbed

13. Stainless and Chrome Waxed

Please Email Photos For Accurate Quote

Starting Price:



9h Ceramic Coating

"Prevent Oxidation for 2-5 Years + Incredible Shine & Gloss "

1. Prep Paint for Ceramic Coating

2. Apply 1 Layer 9h Ceramic

3. Applied to All Painted Surfaces

4. 24 Hour Curing & Hardening

5. Dirt/Salt Will Rinse Right Off 

6. Super Easy Maintenance

7. Ultimate Shine & Protection

8. Lasts 2 Years

- Does Not Include Oxidation  Removal or Paint Reconditioning -

5 Year Ceramic Coating Extra Cost

2 Additional Layers of 9h Ceramic

Plus Ceramic Top Coat

Please Email Photos For Accurate Quote

Starting Price:



Complete Restoration

"For Medium-Heavy Oxidized Boats"

1. Brush Wash and Chamois Dry

2. Gel Coat Compounding

3. Complete Oxidation Removal

4. Gel Coat Polishing & Waxing 

5. Vinyl Seats Scrubbed Clean

6. Vinyl Seats UV Conditioning

7. Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

8. Cockpit and Non-skid Scrubbed

9. Windows and Mirrors Cleaned

10. Scuff Mark Removal

11. Mold and Mildew Removal

12. Canvas and Fabric Shampooing

13. Outdoor Carpets Shampooed

14. All Compartments Detailed

15. Tower Compounding/Polishing 

16. Outboard Engine Compounding

17. Chrome and Stainless Polished

Please Email Photos For Accurate Quote

Starting Price:



Charles K. 'Ryan came out to my home and did an amazing job on my SeaRay and was even able to repair a small crack in my gel coat, very pleased"

John A. "The gel coat on my boat was heavily oxidized and was worried I need new paint but I was very impressed when they were able to wet sand and compound it back to a smooth and glossy finish, thanks for all the hard work"

Jimmy P. "Very happy with the way my boat came out, I am very picky but these guys left nothing to be desired, would highly recommend"

Devin K. "Victor was able to restore my sailboat back to prime condition and I was able to sell it very quickly at high retail since it looked so good, thanks again"

Bret C. "Outstanding customer service and great quality work, I was truly impressed and would recommend this outfit to anyone looking for top quality work"

David U. "They traveled all the way to my location at no charge and did a great job detailing my boston whaler, will definelty be using you guys again, thanks"

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