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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Same Day Service Available

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12 Reasons to Choose Us?

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- Incredible Shine & Best Protection on The Market -

Prep Paint for Ceramic Coating

Apply 1 Layer 9h Ceramic

Applied to All Painted Surfaces

24 Hour Curing & Hardening

Dirt/Grime Will Rinse Right Off 

Bird Dropping Will Rinse Right Off

Super Easy Maintenance

Super Shiny & Glossy Paint 

More Shine & Depth than New Paint

Lasts Minimum 2 Years

No Need to Wax for 2+ Years

- Does Not Include Clay Bar Treatment, Scratch Removal or Paint Correction -

5 Year Ceramic Coating Extra Cost

Complimentary Quotes Available

Starting Price:



Rick F. 'I just got a new car and my friend recommended ceramic coating to keep the car new, I hired this company to handle the service and I honestly cannot believe how shiny my car is, hard to look at directly in the sun, never thought this was even possible, I highly recommend it"

Austin P. "I have a black Camaro and after being sick and tired of car wash scratches and swirls i got my paint corrected and these guys highly recommended ceramic to protect it, it looked amazing after paint correction but even better with ceramic added which I didnt think was possible since the paint was already highly polished and looked like a mirror, if you havent experienced ceramic then you do not know what shiny really means, thanks a lot guys"

Stan B. "My last truck that I used for construction was sold as is knowing that I pretty much destroyed it but now that I have a brand new truck I needed to do what I could to prevent it from getting destroyed on construction sites and I was recommended ceramic coating, my truck still gets filthy dirty and looks like a wreck but now I just pressure wash it and everything comes off and my truck looks like it was freshly waxed, truly unbelievable, never expected such easy maintenance"

Harold G. " I have a little show car that I take amazing care of and do all my own detailing but have been noticing lately that similar vehicles to mine have much shinier paint and couldnt figure out how until one day I asked and they told me they had ceramic coating, I did my research and seems that I could do it myself but also read that if not done properly that you would need to wet sand your paint to remove coating so I hired this company and now my car is in the best condition ever"

Henry R. " I have been doing a lot of research on ceramic and found that the chemical itself is not hard to come by and different brands offer the exact same solution but what really matters is who applies the coatings and how the paint is prepped, without proper paint bonding this product will not work for very long, after these guys answered every single question then I felt comfortable hiring them and they did a phenomenal job, thank you very much "

Steve P. " I got quotes to get my brand new range rover ceramic coated and received several quotes well above $1k even though my paint is brand new, fortunately I shopped around and found this company and I paid half and I cannot tell the difference between them and the other company that did my older range rover 2 years ago, do your due diligence and hire the pros that love what they do and your car will be well take care of "

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