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Real Time & Live Customer Support Chat

Photo Estimates in 15min or Less

Emails Replied in 15min or Less

Fully Licensed & Insured Technicians

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Same Day Service Available

Multi Vehicle Discounts

Pay Only Once Service is Completed

Full Management & Support Team

Convenient Online Bookings

We Come To You At no Extra Charge

Gift Certificates Available for Any Occasion

12 Reasons to Choose Us?



- We Can Handle All Types of Paints & Coating Removal -

Complete Wash & Chamois Dry

Remove Paint Overspray Completely

Paints, Coatings & Construction Overspray

Clear Coat Safe Techniques

Will Not Damage Your Paint

Remove Overspray From All Surfaces

Wax Application for Protection

Service Guaranteed 

We Can Also Handle Vandalized Vehicles

Spray Paint/Graffiti Removal Extra Cost

Paint Buffing Extra Cost

Minivans, Trucks & SUVs Extra Cost

Multi Vehicle Discounts

Please Email Photos For Accurate Quote

Starting Price:



Susan T. 'My neighbor sprayed his fence but did not tell me to move my brand new car and of course now I have overspray everywhere, thankfully I found this company and they were able to get it all off as if it was never even there, I am so happy they gave me back a new car, thank you so much"

Derek P. "My building has been doing some construction work for a while now and noticed last time i got my car washed that my paint feels really rough and upon closer inspection could see specs all over it, my building said they would cover the damage and this is the only company in my area that actually has this service available as I knew I needed a specialist, very happy with results and now they maintain my car as well"

Sheryl B. "We own a painting contracting company and do a lot of jobs outdoors and once in a while the wind works against us and we have paint overspray that lands on vehicles in the vicinity, as such we need a company to be there when needed when we get complaints and so far after at least 10 vehicles serviced, we have gotten great service and customers tell us there cars look better than before, I couldnt ask for better service, thank you"

Thomas G. " I have been trying for months to figure out what was wrong with my paint and was able to make it look better but after wasting a lot of time and money on products I went ahead and called this company and they immediately knew the cause and were able to remove an overspray coating that had been there for more than a year, I should have contacted them a long time ago"

Patrick R. " We have a sealing company and apply coatings to all types of surfaces and our products are very strong and long lasting so you only imagine how hard it can be to remove from car paint, no other company was able to remove 100% of it until we found these guys, although it took 1 day per truck, we saved $1,000s in bodyshop repair costs and now have a reliable company that can handle our work vehicles as well any customers that complain about us getting overspray on there vehicles"

Josh P. "I got paint overspray on my 2020 Model S and was quoted a range of $1,200-$2,800 from various shops to completely remove the overpray and restore my vehicle to its new original condition which I thought was very expensive, fortunately I found this company and did not charge me a luxury tax and was able to get the job done for $799 and it came out perfect, truly masters of there craft, thank you very much"

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